Outside combines current weather and local forecasts with custom push notifications. Swipe to see the forecast or setup and receive alerts when the weather is just right.


Window Weatherman

Outside gathers local weather data and presents them to you through a stylized window in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Watch the current weather or swipe to see tomorrow's forecast all from the cosy windowsill of this little universe.

Free Push Notifications

Setup custom Notifications for various weather conditions and get alerts when the weather matches your criteria, even when the app isn’t running!


Have Outside wake you up in the morning and tell you if you’re going to need an umbrella for work today. Outside monitors the local weather and tells you when it’s going to rain.


Let Outside monitor the UV Index and give you an alert when it goes above a certain level. Don’t leave for the beach without sunscreen.


Brrr. It can be freezing out. What's your limit? When do you slip on the big overcoat? Why not have Outside alert you if the temperature goes under your desired level.


Decide when you feel it’s t-shirt weather and let Outside remind you when it’s hot enough to wear that favorite tee.

"Nice graphics and a fresh approach to weather information."


"Outside Puts The iPhone Weather App To Shame."

- Techcrunch

"Even if it's raining it's beautiful!"

- Macstories

"Outside Is a Super-Stylish Weather Notifying App"

- Lifehacker

"Outside is visually stunning. it's weather with a modern twist!"


"Outside successfully manages to combine simplicity and utility"

- iPhoneAppReview